Chairman's Message

When we laid the foundations of HISWO, we were fully cognizant of a paradox that exists in Pakistan: millions continue to live and survive the grinding poverty, preventable diseases and corruption, yet, Pakistan is a country full of potential and a promise for bright future. I applaud the efforts and dedication of the HISWO team and volunteers who are frontline soldiers in our fight against hunger, disease and pollution. With the help of the unwavering commitment of volunteers and skilled staff, HISWO has responded back to the needs of the vulnerable communities in urban slums. HISWO successfully enrolled out of school children (OOSC) in primary public schools and made an impact in the slum areas by actively raising awareness about the importance of education. The anti-gutka and tobacco campaign has reached thousands of young students and community member in different areas of Karachi though social media and face-to-face sessions and encouraged them to quit smoking. I must say this was not easy considering that our youth has sought refuge in smoking to escape the brutal realities of life. I applaud all our partners, volunteers, staff, civil society organizations & government officials who made it a collective and combined effort. I believe that we will continue to transform lives till the point where prosperity is synonymous to life.

Founding Chairman 

Qazi Muhammad Ibrahim


HISWO is a nonprofit and Non-governmental humanitarian and development organization working in the underprivileged areas of Karachi Sindh, Pakistan on Health, Education & for the Welfare of needy People


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Karachi, Pakistan


As part of our thematic focus, HISWO identified needs from the community so as to
respond to those needs on an emergency basis with the support of our partners and