In response to the devastating floods, Haqooq-e-Insaniyat Social Welfare Organization (HISWO) mobilized a comprehensive relief effort aimed at providing essential aid to affected communities. Their relief activities encompassed a wide range of initiatives, including the distribution of cooked food, dry ration packs, tarpaulin tents, mosquito nets , water purification bottles, and other non-food essential items. Moreover, HISWO organized medical camps offering free medicines and health & hygiene sessions to prevent diseases and ensure the well-being of flood-affected families.

To ensure efficient and equitable distribution of relief items, HISWO prioritized households based on their needs and conducted door-to-door delivery of relief items. Mosquito kits were provided to prevent the outbreak of diseases like dengue fever and malaria, while temporary shelter materials were distributed to offer immediate protection from the elements.

In Mirpurkhas, Jacobabad and Qambar Shahdad Kot. HISWO's relief efforts reached thousands of households, with dry ration packs distributed to 6,000 households. Cooked food was provided to benefit 10,000 people, and 800 mosquito nets were distributed in each city to combat the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses.

HISWO organized free medical camps in various cities of Sindh,

where 6,600 patients received free medicines, and 1,200 bottles of Aabe Nuqra provided by the Qarshi Foundation were distributed to address water purification needs. HISWO undertook the construction of mud flood-affected houses in Sindh, providing vital shelter to vulnerable families.

HISWO's relief operations were strategically focused on areas severely affected by the floods, such as the tehsils of KGM and Jhuddo in Mirpurkhas district and Thul district in Jacobabad. Despite logistical challenges due to flooded roads and limited access, HISWO remained committed to reaching underserved and unserved communities encamped on roadsides, providing lifesaving relief assistance where it was needed most.

Through their comprehensive relief efforts, HISWO demonstrated a steadfast commitment to alleviating the suffering of flood-affected communities and ensuring their resilience in the face of adversity. By collaborating with local authorities, health institutions, and volunteers, HISWO effectively addressed immediate needs while laying the groundwork for long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts in flood-affected areas.