Street Children Support Project

Street children are victims of poverty as well as physical and psychological abuse. They are deprived of protection, health services, education and, too often don’t have any prospects for the future. Throughout the world, sport, especially football, is being used to answer their emotional, physical, spiritual, educational and economic needs and facilitate their transition off the streets and back into family and community life. It builds trust, hope, self-confidence and cooperation in these boys.

HISWO organized a training camp for the street children in Cakiwara, Lyari in collaboration with Youth & Sports Department and provided training to more than 100 children. These well-implemented, sport activities provided street children with a safe place to reflect on their future and the possibility to return to their family, receive health education and learn social skills such as patience. Moreover, it will keep them away from lethal drugs and gang violence.


HISWO is a nonprofit and Non-governmental humanitarian and development organization working in the underprivileged areas of Karachi Sindh, Pakistan on Health, Education & for the Welfare of needy People


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As part of our thematic focus, HISWO identified needs from the community so as to
respond to those needs on an emergency basis with the support of our partners and