Trash Cleanup Activity for Environmental Challenges

Removing debris and trash from beaches reduces the effects of pollution on our oceans. The objective is to restore our oceans, beaches, rivers, and other aquatic ecosystems. During a beach cleanup, organized by HISWO, volunteers scanned the sand for any debris. Debris can be anything from plastic bags, microplastics, fabrics, or any other kind of litter. Before the high tide comes in, volunteers steered the litter away from the ocean.

Beach cleanup drive of HISWO removed litter from the shoreline and ensured its proper disposal. Microplastics and recyclable materials were found during beach cleanup. Through proper disposal, these materials were transformed into recycled products.


HISWO is a nonprofit and Non-governmental humanitarian and development organization working in the underprivileged areas of Karachi Sindh, Pakistan on Health, Education & for the Welfare of needy People


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As part of our thematic focus, HISWO identified needs from the community so as to
respond to those needs on an emergency basis with the support of our partners and