Ramadan- Sharing Iftaar

HISWO helped break the fast of 4,500 beneficiaries in the month of Ramadan at different locations in Karachi. The spike in number of corona cases during Ramadan meant more people were at risk of hunger and diseases. With the help of zakat and the support of companies like Murree Brewery, Daraz, State Life etc.

HISWO helped people who were at risk. The donations helped us to bring joy to the face of thousands of people struggling with the pandemic and uncertain job market. 100% of the donations were utilized to prepare packs of food items and distribute food during iftar time. This activity was the lifeline of may who did not know when their next meal is coming.


HISWO is a nonprofit and Non-governmental humanitarian and development organization working in the underprivileged areas of Karachi Sindh, Pakistan on Health, Education & for the Welfare of needy People


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As part of our thematic focus, HISWO identified needs from the community so as to
respond to those needs on an emergency basis with the support of our partners and