Free Medical Camp

Free medical camps possess a bounteous impact on the lives of underprivileged...

Goal:₨ 90,000.00
Raised:₨ 90,000.00
To Go:₨ 0

Water & Sanitation Project (WASH)

Total Request 12 for Installation of Water Wells in Mithi Tharparkar Pakistan faces...

Goal:₨ 600,000.00
Raised:₨ 200,000.00
To Go:₨ 400,000.00

Mosque Construction

Donate and give Sadaqah by constructing a mosque in your name or a loved ones today....

Goal:₨ 80,000,000.00
Raised:₨ 100,000.00
To Go:₨ 79,900,000.00

Income Generation Project

The Tharparkar District located in Sindh Province of Pakistan, spreads over 27,000...

Goal:₨ 500,000.00
Raised:₨ 0
To Go:₨ 500,000.00

Computer Training Centre

As HISWO is taking an initiative for providing a computer education for poor...

Goal:₨ 700,000.00
Raised:₨ 10,000.00
To Go:₨ 690,000.00

Placement of Missing Manholes

There are many risky open manholes in sub-urban areas of the metropolis such as...

Goal:₨ 10,000.00
Raised:₨ 10,000.00
To Go:₨ 0